• You are required to return the home empty and in clean condition. Cleaning issues will NOT be considered to be normal wear and tear, under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • If the home is not in satisfactorily cleaned, has trash or abandoned items, appropriate charges will be deducted from your security deposit. if it is neccessary to hire someone to clean the home, labor will cost much more than if you would have taken the time to properly clean the unit first.
  • As required by your rental agreement, you will be responsible for the cost of a mandatory carpet cleaning, which will be performed after you move out by a carpet cleaner of the Landlord’s choice. You may choose to have it done yourself, however, you will need to provide a receipt showing the carpet was professionally cleaned. Renting a cleaner or using your personal carpet cleaner is not sufficient.
  • General:

    • Walls should be washed or marks removed (magic eraser).
    • Holes in walls should be filled with spackle and touched up.
    • Ceiling vents should be vacuumed and/or washed.
    • Clean switch plates and electrical outlet covers.
    • Fireplace should be cleaned of all debris, including ashes.
    • Blinds should be cleaned.
    • Light bulbs should be replaced where needed.
    • Countertops wiped down.
    • Floors vacuumed and mopped, woodwork, baseboards and window sills wiped down.


    • Range should be completely cleaned, including broiler pans.
    • Clean stovetop, drip pans, panels, and dials.
    • Clean under and behind stove/fridge.
    • Dishwasher should be empty and wiped inside and outside.
    • Cabinets and drawer fronts cleaned.
    • Microwave should be cleaned inside and out.
    • Fridge/freezer must be cleaned thoroughly, power off, ice cube maker/trays emptied, defrosted, doors open.
    • Wipe down all pantry shelves.


    • Tiles should be washed and grout cleaned.
    • Vanity and medicine cabinet should be cleaned, including shelves and mirrors.
    • Tub, shower, sink and toilet should be cleaned and sanitized.
    • Glass door, if applicable, should be cleaned so that all of the soap scum is removed.
    • Wipe down all counter tops, soap dishes, and towel bars.
    • Clean and wipe all drawers.

    Yard Area:

    • Weed all flower beds and mow and edge the lawn.
    • Trim trees if necessary.
    • Remove pet waste if applicable.
    • Remove all personal items and garbage.


    • All trash needs to be removed from premises.
    • Clean any oil stains from floor.

    Miscellaneous (if applicable):

    • Clean all ceiling fan blades and draperies.
    • Empty and clean out storage units and/or garage, deck, or patio.
    • Replace any dead smoke detector batteries.
    • Replace A/C filter.
    • Replace garage remote/keypad batteries if necessary.
    • Pool and deck area must be cleaned.
    • Remove all nails, hooks, mounts, etc. that you installed and properly patch. If you intend to do touch up painting, you must paint entire wall with apporived paint color if paint does not match.
    • ***This list is for reference only and not intended to be all inclusive. If you have questions regarding any items listed on checklist please contact our office.***